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Meet Mitch Blatt! Mitch is the Editor-in-Chief of the publication, The Understanding powered by INCIGHT. The purpose of The Understanding is to Push Perspectives in a Positive Direction and make positive change. 

Check out Mitch's Story and see how INCIGHT has helped Unlock his Potential! Filmed and edited by INCIGHT Media.


The INCIGHT Entrepreneurship Program takes individuals who have the ideas, motivation and drive to start their own organization, but are lacking specific resources. We take those individuals, wrap around them with our experience, connections and resources to help them create independence through entrepreneurship. We strongly encourage our entrepreneurs to lift up those experiencing barriers when they’re looking to employ people down the road. Check out Blake's story, filmed and edited by INCIGHT Media. 


Scott Hatley co-founded INCIGHT in 2004 with two of his college friends.

But long before INCIGHT, Scott was pushing past his boundaries, changing the world, and inspiring everyone who met him.



Check out Scott's story, filmed and edited by INCIGHT Hall of Fame member, Rob Thompson.

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