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INCIGHT is a full-service media company.

We are committed to learning and honoring our customers’ intention and identity. We strive to always be at the forefront of production technology.

We work hard to develop long-term partnerships and to unlock our partners’ stories— from small events to epic journeys.

INCIGHT produces great videos & photography resulting from a collaborative approach to production.

  Our Team  

Headshot of Judd Girard holding a videocamera

Executive Director of INCIGHT Media

Judd has 25 years experience in video production, including commercials, news features and sports promotions. He has worked for NBC, NBC Sports, ABC, ESPN, FOX, FOX Sports and WB and their affiliates. Judd has produced all types of media across several industries, both corporate and nonprofit. His photography and editing styles earned him 33 awards and nominations. He is the founder of Parenting Today, a company dedicated to the education of parents on real-life experiences. His passion for the lens, lighting and sound — coupled with the humility to serve others — creates his magic.

Headshot of Rob Thompson

Multimedia Coordinator

Rob has been with INCIGHT for seven years. He began as an intern and quickly became Multimedia Coordinator. He is now attending the Art Institute of Portland and is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Film and Video Production. He continues to grow and inspire people with his multimedia skills. 

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