Our speakers will address all aspects of self, organizational

and community improvement, from culture shift

to equity education and disability awareness



Inclusion Development Topics

Our speakers and educators offer a variety of talks and trainings around Inclusion Development topics such as: 

Disability Justice 101
In general, people with disabilities report having greater negative work experiences than those without. This three-hour course will introduce concepts of ableism, intersectionality, microaggressions and allyship. Ultimately, this course will help participants understand the world of disability and approach it from a more equitable perspective.

Disability Justice 201

In this three-hour class will take the concepts and skills introduced in Disability Justice 101 and put them into practice. This empowering course will contain real conversations and real scenarios and a hands on learning approach to give people the opportunity to “kill the awkward” and ask questions in a place of understanding and honesty.

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

This two-hour course is jam packed with lightbulb moments and carefully curated conversations to empower leaders, employees and anyone to explore bias in a more transformative manner. 

The Intersection of Gender Equity & Disability 

The Intersection of Racial Equity & Disability 

Understanding & Managing White Fragility 
This hot topic is an important one. In this course, participants explore the, "discomfort and defensiveness on the part of a white individual when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice." The goal is to ope the conversation and have positive meaningful connections to the valuable racial equity work in the community. 

"Such A Cute Puppy" The Do's & Don'ts of Service Animals 
Please don’t pet my service dog and many other things I have to say every day as a person with a service animal. This course will help educate people on both the ADA legal side of compliance as well as the day to day experiences and preferences of those working with a service animal.

Mental Health Diversity in the Workplace

This two hour training will help participants effectively recognize and have compassion for mental health related experiences within the workplace as well as the community. Ultimately, the purpose of this course is to help participants understand mental health on a deeper level and have more compassion for neurodiversity in the workplace.

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