What We Do




Incight is the blend of two forms of the word…

INCITE “to spark a passion”   |   INSIGHT “to possess intimate knowledge”




Incight’s Mission is…

Unlocking the Potential of People with Disabilities




Two points to about Incight’s mission…


1) More potential resides within the disability demographic than has been historically realized.

2) Much of this potential is unfairly locked up due to stigma, or attitudinal disconnects.


Incight’s model and method is unique.


Our services support people with disabilities and the greater community. In this way, Incight affects change from two directions; supporting greater inclusion for people with disabilities into mainstream society.


Incight expects and empowers key life transitions of education, employment, and independence.


The Incight Education program aims to bridge the gap between high school and post-secondary education.

The Incight Employment program facilitates connections between jobseekers and employers who are diversifying their workforce.

The Independence program creates outlets for social & recreational engagement.


We achieve these outcomes by delivering scholarships, resources, events, and training.


Scholarships include funding for higher education and internships. Resources include information guidebooks, videos, and curriculum. Events include high school and college coaching visits, job fairs, networking meetings, and adaptive recreation clinics. Trainings help to dispel myths, reshape paradigms, encourage opportunity, and teach skills.


Our services directly impact…


thousands of students and jobseekers, hundreds of athletes, families, educators, businesses people, general citizens, and dozens of agencies, corporations, community partners, and schools.


Incight Hall of Fame

Netsanet Muleta

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Incight Hall of Fame

Vail Horton

Incight Hall of Fame

Wes Studer

Incight Hall of Fame

Dylan Nunley

Incight Hall of Fame

Nick Nunley

Incight Hall of Fame

Scott Hatley

Incight Hall of Fame

Margaret Drew

Incight Hall of Fame

Susan Anderson

Incight Hall of Fame

Logan Wirkuty

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  • Netsanet Muleta
  • Vail Horton
  • Wes Studer
  • Dylan Nunley
  • Nick Nunley
  • Scott Hatley
  • Margaret Drew
  • Susan Anderson
  • Logan Wirkuty

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