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Incight Education

Incight’s Education program helps youth with disabilities advance their education by providing the necessary skills and resources they need to graduate and pursue postsecondary education. We accomplish this by working with students through empowerment trainings and career planning until graduation. We believe that this will enable young people to become self-supporting participants in their communities.

We also have a Scholarship Program that is a long-term commitment to students entering and attending college. Each year we grant approximately 100 scholarships to students with disabilities and connect them to mentoring and internship opportunities.


Incight Employment

Through Incight Employment, any person with a disability will have access to a list of opportunities at businesses, nonprofit and governmental organizations that are looking for volunteers, interns and employees.  Further, Incight Employment will give students resources for improving their chances of getting an internship, volunteering, or finding employment; resources like resume building, interview assistance, and the chance to speak with someone at Incight Employment who can offer advice and guidance.


Incight Independence

Many people with disabilities dream of getting an advanced education and finding meaningful work, but are held up due to a lack of affordable, accessible housing or because they lack access to reliable personal assistance. Sometimes these barriers to independence are simply due to the fact that there is not public transportation accessible to the individual. These barriers are what Incight plans to overcome with our Independence program that will empower individuals with disabilities to move beyond their limitations.

Our initiative will include Accessible Living centers, providing housing resources, creating a searchable online guide on accessible apartments in the area and promoting home ownership. Most exciting, is the development of accessible living centers which are transitional in nature, a half way point between sole dependence on family living and home ownership. In the end, our vision is for people with disabilities to achieve independence and self-sufficiency.


Incight Networking

The Incight Networking initiative will create an online community where any of the 600 million people with a disability in the world can create a personalized home page, find other users with similar interests, create a blog, share photos and stories, start a group, provide encouragement, ask questions, and connect with new friends.  More than ever before, the Incight Networking will give users direct access to other people with disabilities around the world, country, state, and their own back yard.
Please contact us for more information.


Incight is a collaborative partnership among many non-profit organizations.

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Incight Hall of Fame

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  • Netsanet Muleta
  • Vail Horton
  • Wes Studer
  • Dylan Nunley
  • Nick Nunley
  • Scott Hatley
  • Margaret Drew
  • Susan Anderson
  • Logan Wirkuty

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