2011 Featured Scholar Margaret Drew


School: Oregon State University

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: Music

Favorite College Class: Graphic Design Identities

Current Occupation: Freelance Graphic Designer


Margaret graduated from Oregon State University in June 2011.  As a four year Incight scholar, Margaret has given back by contributing her graphic design services in her free time as well as participating as a spokesperson on the student panel at various Incight events.


During her four years at OSU, Margaret was a member of the Women’s Choir, Chamber Choir, Framework Design Lab, and the Accessibility Student Alliance, creating her own branch of the club focusing on off-campus student living.  She found these extracurricular activities, as well as an open mind and friendly attitude were the best way to meet people at college, especially during her freshman year.  Despite her expectations, Margaret found college was not as challenging as she was warned and had plenty of time to socialize as long as she kept on top of her work and did not get behind.


“Have fun and make the most of your college experience because once it is over, those are years you will never have back,” Margaret suggests to future college students.  “I wish I had taken more classes that were of interest to me, outside of my major, even if I had to stay an additional year in order to graduate.”


Margaret chose Oregon State University for its strong graphic design program as well as its proximity to her home in Portland-far enough that she felt she was moving away from home but not so far that she would have to buy a plane ticket to come home for the holidays.  Her favorite thing about OSU was the town itself, since Corvallis is a small, college town and everyone is connected through the university.


In addition to receiving the Incight scholarship, which she learned about from her high school counselor, Margaret also received funding from the LPA (Little People of America), CODA (Coalition of Dwarf Advocacy), Vocational Rehab, and a diversity scholarship from OSU to help defray her college expenses.


Today Margaret is living in Portland working part-time as a freelance graphic designer.  Her ideal job would be to work on an advertising team for a larger corporation or to become a professional singer.  Though it is not always easy to find a job right out of college, we at Incight know Margaret will certainly be successful in all she endeavors.  Congratulations Margaret!


Incight is a disability services non-profit organizations.

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